Welcome to our wedding ceremony! We’re so glad you’re here and that this day has finally come! 

In lieu of doing a traditional, printed wedding program, we opted to put it all up here. If you don’t have a smart phone, chances are the person sitting next to you is willing to share. 

The Order of Events

Grandparents’ Entrance

Parents’ Entrance

Bridal Party’s Entrance

Rachel’s Entrance

Roger Lamb Prays

Wade Cook performs the Ceremony

Private Vows

Unity Painting / Ceremony

Rings and Vows

Pronouncement and Recessional

Reception (Downstairs):
Cocktail Hour
First Dance
Food / Fellowship
Garrett and Rachel Depart

Bridal Party


Wade Cook


Family of the Bride:

Dennis and Linda Haney

Lorene Oliphant


Family of the Groom:

Ronald and Hideko Campagna

Roger and Lina DuBay

James and Donna Campagna



Laine Williams (Matron of Honor)

Miyoko Williams

Leena Howard

Paige Chisholm

Katie Shinn

Chelsea Cobaugh



Jimmy Gleason

Josh Newsom

Devin Cochran

Zack Fowler

Chris Hauerwas

Alex Hernandez


Thank you to all of our family and friends for being here to support us in our wedding and in our marriage. We truly appreciate the relationships we have with each of you and we’re so grateful you’re here. We love you all!